Enabling The Root User Account on Mac OS X, version 10.8.x

The root user account on a Mac should be enabled by web programmers so that they can make system-level changes when required.

Note: although this tutorial was written for Mac OS X, version 10.8.5, it may work in other versions of Mac OS X.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Choose Users & Groups along the System row
  3. Click Login Options to the right of the home icon in the lower left hand corner
  4. If the lock in the lower left hand corner is locked, unlock it

  5. On the right pane, to the right of Network Account Server click Join...
  6. In the subsequent dialog box that appears, click the Open Directory Utility... button
  7. In the next dialog box, unlock the lock in the lower left hand corner, if it’s locked

  8. Click the Edit menu on the menu bar and choose to Enable Root User
  9. You’ll now need to choose a password
  10. Lock every lock you unlocked during this tutorial, and you’re done.